What is Niacinamide & how to use it to Minimize Large Pores


What is Vitamin B3?

Niacinamide is one of the two forms of vitamin B3 — the other being nicotinic acid. Vitamin B3. Niacinamide and nicotinic acid both provide vitamin B3 activity, but they differ in chemical structure and how they affect your health.

How does this work for our skin?

Since it’s water-soluble, your body doesn’t store this vitamin, which is why you need to eat nicotinic acid or niacinamide daily. This also means you’re likely to find them in water based serums, moisturizers, and also in face masks. Niacinamide is also one of the most stable vitamins, with a pH level of 7 which indicates that this ingredient is non-irritating, non-acidic, and works well with all skin types.  Niacinamide plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy, it is easily absorbed in the acid mantle, Niacinamide works to improve your skin barrier without irritating the skin. It also helps to improve skin barrier function, decrease skin hyperpigmentation, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, decreases redness and blotchiness, and improves skin elasticity. Overall, this ingredient is great to have in your skincare routine since it can bring many benefits to the skin.

How to Use Niacinamide

Great news is that Niacinamide has little to side effects and can be used at high percentages… all while being well-tolerated by the skin. Not to mention that it’s a stable ingredient that works well with other ingredients! Additionally, it is found in 2, 5, or 10% concentrations, but it’s also possible to not find any amounts disclosed depending on the skincare brand. 

Product Recommendations

Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence (contains 5%)

Well, because there is a Whitening Essence appendage, it is clear the function of this product is to brighten facial skin. Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence contains 5% Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid as its main composition.


Paula’s Choice Niacinamide Booster 20%

This concentrated 20% niacinamide serum booster dramatically improves uneven skin tone and refines the appearance of pore size, skin texture and fine lines.


Murad Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum

This serum has the highest level of hydroquinone available without a prescription (2.0%) to help quickly fade dark spots It’s also made with ingredients like glycolic acid (great for exfoliating and clearing dull skin cells), and hexapeptide-2 (a skin brightening peptide), which all work together improve skin tone. 


COSRX Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence

This good, alcohol-free hydrating toner comes packaged in a frosted plastic bottle, this fragrance-free essence has a silky gel-liquid texture that works well with all skin types and feels moisturizing without being heavy or sticky. It works well either over or under other skin care products.

The headlining ingredient, galactomyces ferment filtrate, is a byproduct of fermented sake (rice wine), and like any ferment, can have hydrating and potential antioxidant properties.


Glossier Super Bounce Vitamin B5 Serum

Super Bounce is essentially a hyaluronic acid serum. It comes in a frosted dropper container and has a silky liquid texture that sinks seamlessly into skin without feeling sticky.

This fragrance-free product is about as simple as it comes: It features skin-plumping sodium hyaluronate and hydrating panthenol (vitamin B5) as claimed, to help skin will feel smoother and more hydrated. This layers well with a brilliantly formulated serum or moisturizer if you need a boost of hydration.


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

This serum is one of the least expensive options for getting the benefits of this ingredient. Although not as well-rounded as other niacinamide-rich products, if your existing routine is rich in beneficial ingredients and you’re curious to see how a high concentration of niacinamide will work for you then this is a great option for you.


InstaNatural Niacinamide 5% Serum

This niacinamide Serum provides powerful strength to the skin’s protective barrier, defending it from external factors that can cause breakouts, irritation and aging concerns. Niacinamide, in combination with Hyaluronic Acid, Avocado Oil and Rosemary Extract, soothes, firms and replenishes the skin.


CeraVe PM (contains 4%)

This lotion is highly moisturizing, fades discolorations, brightens skin tone, helps damaged skin, and repairs the moisture barrier. Very well tolerated across many skin types and conditions including acne, seborrheic dermatitis end eczema. What more would you want from a lotion like this.


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