Top 6 best facial Tools


Blue Cryo Globes

Whether you are combating a Rosacea flare up or painful hormonal breakouts. These Blue Cryo Globes feel amazing! Keep them in the fridge NOT the freezer and lightly glide them across the skin in upwards lifting sweeps. These work best after applying a bit of a medium such as a hydrating serum or moisturizing calming cream. Be mindful not to clink them together!

Clear Quartz Facial Roller

Nothing is worse than waking up with tired puffy eyes. I like to keep my Teami Clear Quartz Facial Roller in the fridge. Then using it with light outward and upward strokes across the cheeks and staying near orbital bone to get some circulation and lymphatic drainage going. This gentle massage helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dehydration wrinkles. I really like using the small side on top of eye gels.

Project E Beauty High Frequency

Breakouts can be tricky. But there are a couples ways to combat them by cut their life span in half. Breakouts are mini infections, so we need to destroy or at least inhibit the growth of bacteria. One way we can do so is by using High Frequency. I am planning on doing a whole post on High Frequency. The science behind it, how to use it properly and who should not be using it. For example, do NOT use High Frequency therapy if you are pregnant. My favorite at home device is the, Project E Beauty High Frequency . I purchased this myself as a way to zap zits at home on a regular basis. You do need a  Cotton Gauze  to create a barrier. 

Project E Beauty LED Mask

When it comes to combating a few skin care concerns at once. LED therapy is the perfect option. Especially with a tool like the Project E Beauty LED Mask that offers a variety of LED colorways to address several goals at once. For instance, Red LED is great for healing, stimulation and in turn in very anti-aging. Where as Blue LED inhibits the growth of bacteria and is ideal for those struggling with acne. Green LED is brightening and works on hyperpigmentation. With this mask you can even choose to have a combo of LED such as half red half blue. Combating both acne and aging. 

Skin Scrubber Face Spatula

Blackheads and clogged pores ( congestion from left over product in the skin ) can lead to rough texture and uneven makeup application. Using a device like the Skin Scrubber used ultrasonic waves to extract built up dirt, oils and dead skin from our pilosebaceous units aka pores. To successfully use a skin scrubber you need some sort of medium to transmit the ultrasonic waves from the mechanism into the skin. I like to use a jelly like aloe or even better would be a gel based enzyme.

kinga facial steamer

If your skin is looking a little lack luster. It usually means you haven’t properly exfoliated in a while. After cleansing the skin with a pH balanced cleanser. Grab your Facial Steamer and sit for about 5-8 minutes allowing your skin to soften and relax. If you have dry, flaky skin, only steam for about 5 minutes and have the unit further than you think you need it. Oily skin types typically react well to steaming treatments. For best results apply an enzyme while steaming to really eat away at those sticky desmosomes (the glue that holds our cells together) on the top layer of dead skin.

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