Top 6 Face Masks for Oily Skin


How to choose the best face mask for oily skin

Look for oil-absorbing ingredients:  go for masks that contain natural and pure ingredients that won’t inhibit hydration or clog your pores. Those ingredients include kaolin or bentonite clay to draw out impurities, activated charcoal to deep clean, and alpha or beta hydroxy acids (like salicylic, glycolic, or lactic acids) to exfoliate.

Don’t overdo it: When used for the proper amount of time, these ingredients are effective. But leaving them on your skin for too long can cause unnecessary dryness. Get your mask on for no more than 10 minutes at a time—once a week if your skin is sensitive, and twice a week if it’s normal to oily.

Always moisturize after: After rinsing off a mask, your oils may be controlled but your skin might also feel a little tight. That’s your moisture barrier screaming for a drink. “It’s important to repair and support skin’s natural hydration after all masking, or even after washing,Use an oil-free moisturizer that contains ingredients that strengthen skin, such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, or squalane.

Now that you know how to use them, here are some face masks your oily skin will love.

Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

This clay mask has a simple ingredients list, including kaolin and bentonite clays to absorb oil, aloe vera for a dose of moisture, and oat extract to soothe. It removes surface oil and is useful for creating a matte appearance.


Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Mask

This mask’s mineral-rich Umbrian clay, sandalwood oil, chamomile flower, and lavender water work together to remove impurities and calm the skin, leaving behind a more balanced, shine-free texture. A fan favorite, testers love that it minimizes pores, leaves skin feeling soft, and can even be used as a spot treatment for pimples. 


ORIGINS Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores

The name pretty much says it all. This mask helps to get rid of environmental toxins and dirt that can clog pores and make the skin look dull, thanks to kaolin and bentonite clays. The charcoal eliminates excess oil that could lead to blackheads and acne.


Skin Ceuticals Clarifying Clay Masque

it includes both bentonite and kaolin clays, as well as calming, moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera and herbal extracts that prevent the skin from drying out. Glycolic, malic, and lactic acids also offer exfoliation that will make your skin glow (in the good way).


Biossance Squalane Glycolic Renewal Facial

You might not expect a mask like this to help oily skin, considering the leading word on its label is squalane, which is an oil. But it’s actually a smoothing peel that exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acids. It pulls double duty and moisturizes with hyaluronic acid in addition to squalane to keep skin hydrated despite the removal of oil and exfoliation.


PROACTIV Amazonian Clay Mask

kaolin is a gentle method for decreasing oil. I recommend applying it for five minutes, twice a week.


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